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How to haggle properly

You can usually do a quick Google search for negotiating goods in the country or area you are about to visit. A good general rule of thumb is setting your own price ahead of time. Once you have that set, don't allow yourself to buy that item for a penny higher.

When you walk into a store and see an item you like, more than likely the salesperson will start up a conversation. I would suggest to not touch or pick anything up unless you are serious about it. From the initial conversation and if you are interested you can ask how much, if they have not already told you a price. This is the starting price. I usually offer between 40-50% lower than the starting price, as most of the time their starting price is knowingly high. Plus, negotiating is a fun skill to have so I use this as an opportunity to use that special sales gift.

Once you have gone back and forth on price and if you are still within the window of what you would pay, this creates a win win situation. As the salesperson accepts the price that you have already set in your mind and you are willing to pay for that item. If you cannot seem to get the salesperson down to what you are willing to pay, then simply see if there are other items in the store you want. If so, you can usually negotiate a bundle price if you are willing to purchase more goods from a single store. If you do not see any other items after browsing, try again at the highest price you are willing to pay. If the salesperson still doesn’t budge, then you slowly start to walk out of the store. From there, there is a good chance that the salesperson will run after you and accept the price you last offered to pay. And if he or she doesn’t, then you can try and find that good at another storefront that will be willing to accept your highest offer.

Sometimes you may have a wild story to share with friends and family from your shopping and negotiating experience within that country. I remember getting called a local woman because of my negotiating skills in Morocco. I had many glasses of mint tea and left the store 2-½ hours later with two rugs for the price I was willing to pay, which was lower than the starting price on just one of the rugs.

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