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Holiday Reflection

As we head into the Holidays and I sit here in Skien, Norway where my great grandmother Berget grew up, I reflect on what Norwegian characteristics I notice within myself and my family. We are very stubborn. We don’t like to admit when we are wrong or give credit to others when they are right. We like to think we know it all. We don’t open up right away, but when we do you can’t shut us up. We are very warm hearted people who love tradition.

Growing up, the Vike family has traditionally celebrated Christmas (God Jul) on Christmas Eve at the farm house. As a child, we had a friend of the family dress up as Santa. Once I was a little older, there was no more Santa visits to the farm house on Christmas Eve, but I had more intimate conversations with my extended family members. Now I live far away from my family so I don’t get to spend these intimate moments with them over the Christmas holiday.

However, this year my aunt Teresa and I decided to take a trip over God Jul to seek our family heritage in Norway. While in Norway, we spent time in the city of Oslo, north Norway for some winter activities, and in the Telemark region where my great grandmother Berget grew up. As we explore this beautiful Scandinavian country, I imagine my family walking around the quaint little towns and raising animals and crops on the family farm.

This has been a trip of a lifetime with my dear aunt Teresa. I hope you all enjoy your time with family and loved ones and share stories. Happy Holidays and CHEERS to the New Year which brings new memories!

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