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Solo female travel tips for any destination

1. Dress appropriately for the country and climate you are visiting. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Try to blend in with the locals. Minimize jewelry and flashy items.

2. Study Google maps to familiarize yourself with the destination and the area around your accommodations. Pay attention to landmarks and where they are located from your accommodations.

3. Participate in local guide tours. It gives you a glimpse of the history and a chance to meet new people to possibly hang out with for part of your trip when you want company.

4. Eat at the bar of a restaurant. This gives you an opportunity to see if there are other solo travelers to spark up a conversation with.

5. Use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with people back home or new friends you made on your travels.

6. Be open. You will get more out of your travel by being open. I promise!

7. Carry your cash, credit cards, identification cards, passport, etc. in a crossbody or hip pack (aka bum bag or fanny pack).

8. Set markers on Google Maps for places you want to visit while in the area you are exploring so you can always see where they are relative to where you are at any given point.

9. Ask friends or travel groups who have visited the country for tips while visiting that new country.

10. Visit www.travel.state.gov for the country you are about to visit.

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