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What to wear as a female traveler in Morocco

When I was planning my wardrobe for Morocco, I was nervous. I never visited a Muslim country before and was searching the web for tips on what to wear and how to travel as a female in the country. I didn’t want to show up in Morocco as a typical american wearing a tank top and shorts. I wanted to be respectful of their culture and feel comfortable walking around the Medina’s and outskirts. Since we were spending our time in old cities, the desert, and the coast I knew I needed to pack pieces I could easily layer. Coming from San Francisco, that is not hard to do.

With that, I choose pieces that covered my shoulders, knees, and nothing low cut. Cotton is your best friend when packing for a warm climate. Also, having a shawl or scarf of some sort can help you cover up more when you feel you need it. Definitely bring comfortable shoes or sandals to walk around in, because you will be doing lots of that. A hat and a pair of sunglasses are a must to protect yourself from the beating sun and to help keep you cool. As for jewelry, keep it simple and don't wear anything that will draw attention.

Here are a few of my looks while traveling the beautiful country to give you an idea of what works well for comfort and for dressing respectful for the country.

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