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New Years Resolution: Talk to more strangers

Does this sound strange to you? Why? I find myself talking to more strangers while traveling, but why am I missing out on this when I am home? We naturally learn from one another. I enjoy my conversations with people from all over the world while sitting on a plane, train, or at a table waiting for my coffee or meal. Some of the best tips I've received for future destinations have come from those who are from that place or live there currently. These are the same people that inspire me to book that flight to their home country and city.

When traveling solo, there is a great opportunity for us to put ourselves out there more and get out of our comfort zone. One older man I met while traveling by train from Munich to Prague in the fall of 2016 was one of my favorite interactions. He was from Uruguay and heading to a small town outside of Prague for a few days. He noticed that I was reading “Girl On The Train” and thought it was fun to see a girl on the train reading that book title. He then asked to take a picture of me and my book. Why not? This started our conversation over the next hour. We proceeded to talk about Uruguay and all the amazing things to do there; whether it be on the coast, inland, or in the major city of Montevideo. Did you know that Uruguay, for locals, is known for its many wineries and national parks? I didn't either. This made me realize how little I knew of the country and inspired me to look into adding this beautiful sounding country to my list of travels. I made notes from our conversation including places to see, things to do, and his explanation of the layout of Montevideo. I cannot wait to visit this country and experience it!

What is one of your New Year Resolutions that seem unique or rather strange sounding?

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