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How to take your workout with you while traveling

Technology has made working out while on the road SO much easier. There are many apps to provide you with different types of workouts depending on your available equipment or mood. The TRX Suspension Trainer, a jump rope, and some resistance bands make the perfect travel fit partner. All of these items weigh under five pounds and I usually just loop the TRX bag onto my backpack so it doesn’t even take up space in my luggage.

Image via TRX Training Store

If I am planning a day exploring the city by foot and getting my steps in, I may skip that days workout. If I want to wake up early and see the sites before the crowds, I can lace up my Nikes and go for a run. Otherwise, I may find a tree or use the hotel room door to setup my TRX and plan for a quick 30 minutes sweat session by using the TRX App. Being prepared is the first step, so pack up that on the go gym for your next trip to have no excuses to sweat.

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