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New Year, New Travels

"New Year, New Me" has now been replaced with "New Year, New Travels".

Last year I flew over 100,000 miles to reach 6 countries while maintaining a full time job. When you are a traveler, people tend to think you have a lot of money. Well my friends, that is not the case here. However, I choose to spend my money on the finer things in life, like creating lifelong memories in another country with people I know and strangers.

Travel was my escape when I was unhappy with my life and now it is a place where I can continue to learn, grow, and reflect on my new found happy life.

I am excited to start documenting my travels and sharing them with the world. I hope you want to join me on my journey. With 2017 behind us, we can focus on a brand new year of new destinations to explore.

On the top of my list for 2018 is Mexico City and Paris. What is on your travel list for this New Year?

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