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My Approach

My Approach

Many of us have a story. It’s a story of where we have come from. The home we were raised in. The people who touched us. How it has shaped us. The events that we had no control over but played a part in. Why we are who we are. Following that family history of raising a child. How we had to deal with certain situations. Trauma that was imposed on us without choice. But it also can have a plot twist. The turn of events that happen where we take the sunglasses off and really look deep inside. Who is this person? Is this whom I want to be? If not, who do I want to be? How can I become whom I admire? 


A quote that really hits is by Mark Twain, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born... and the day you find out why.”


It is that moment when we remove the sunglasses and look deep inside that we now are awake and start the journey of finding out why we are here right here and right now on this planet. When the wake-up call hits, you are at a crossroads. You may ask yourself, “Do I continue on with the auto-pilot life because it is comfortable or would I rather explore the unknown future with an open heart and open mind?” 


Well, I am here to support you to make that uncomfortable decision. To finally say “YES” to yourself. Just consider me your powerhouse cheerleader who is going to guide you, encourage you, and support you through the self-discovery journey you will be entering. It is your time to shine and get to your true self and uncover your gift to share with others!

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