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Tessa Marie

Growth Mentor.


Let's Get Physical

Moving your body has many benefits. It helps release stress, feel strong, and be empowered to accomplish the day ahead!


Let's Get Spiritual

Have you felt that little signal from your gut before? Yeah, that is your intuition trying to communicate to you. Are you listening?


Let's Get

Dig deep into that beautiful mind of yours. Let's focus on how powerful your mind is!



Journaling has a way to help you become clear on your feelings, thoughts, and dreams. It is a way to release and put out to the universe what you want.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you make yourself small to fit in? Has someone told you that you are intense or intimidating? Have you felt like you are in a vicious cycle? 


Yeah, I hear you. 


It is time to step into your power. Share the gift that has been given to you. Own what you got. Be authentically you. Bring your soul, body, and mind together to become your true self!

Tessa Full

I'm Tessa Marie and I have spent the last 34 years growing into my truest self.

As a Midwest girl born and raised in Wisconsin, I was living in the story imposed on me. After High School, you go to college, you meet your college sweetheart, you get married, you buy the house, adopt a dog, and… wait I don’t want this life! 

Fast forward and here I am living in Denver stepping into my power and sharing my gift with women who are struggling with finding their own voice!

Getting Started

It all starts with Y-O-U! 

We all have trauma from our childhood and relationships that need healing. I have incorporated these 5 channels into my journey that have helped me step into my true self and find my gift that I get to share with all of you!


Self Healing









Tessa has this strong, fierce, powerful, confident, playful, compassionate, smart, and brave presence the moment she steps into a room. Her gift helps radiate the flow of other's transformation.

Emilee W. age 24

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